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Untitled Stock Market Game

A card game about the stock market. Players manipulate the stock market to try and make the most money and sabotage their competition.

How to Play

2 - 4 Players
Goal: Make the most money.

Starting Game

At the start of the game, every player gets $2500 (Recomended).
Each player uses this money to buy and sell stocks.
Do not tell the other players what stocks you have bought.

Players also get five cards.

Playing Game

Players take turns playing a card that will manipulate the market to help them make more money.
Based on what cards other players are playing, players can also guess what stocks they own and play cards that prevent others from making money.
Cards do not take effect until the end of the round so do not reveal what card you played until the end of the round.
You can buy and sell stocks during your turn every round.

Winning Game

The player who has the most money and stock value at the end of 10 rounds (Recomended) wins.

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